August ’10 Mix

Date August 29, 2010

1) We Are Sex Bob-ombScott Pilgrim – Sex Bob-omb

Even though there was Scientologist involvement in the creation of the song, it’s still a great way to kick off a movie, a great way to start a mix. Fuzzzzzzzzzz.

2) Your Love Is So StrongPersonal Life – The Thermals

There are actually a ton of semi slow jams on the new Thermals record, but fuck THAT. I want the tracks with way-yooooos and the handclaps.

3) Riley1,000 Years – Corin Tucker

Corin Tucker swoooooooooooooon. Wait, so is it Carrie’s comedy career that’s holding up the Sleater-Kinney reunion? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, DUDE?

4) Pursuit of Happinesslissiemusic – Lissie

My disappointment in Lissie’s debut album is mitigated by the stunning array of covers she puts up on youtube. Usually indie covers of hip-hop songs have a little kitsch to them, but Lissie just sinceres the shit out of this track. Amazing.

5) We Used To WaitThe Suburbs – Arcade Fire

This is Arcade Fire’s essay on lost romanticism in the internet era of instant communications. I think it’s actually a thinly veiled plea not to download leaks of their record. TOOOOOOO LATE.

6) Never Gonna Give You UpBrothers – Black Keys

It breaks my heart that this is not a Rick Astley cover. KILLS ME. It’s actually a cover of Jerry Butler, who has never rickrolled anyone ever.

7) Wilderness HeartWilderness Heart – Black Mountain

Black Mountain is BACK with some more slabs of psychedelic sabbath riffs, and the spooky cool vocals of Amber Webber. I WANNA LIVE PREHISTORIC. Also, the album sports one of the most ridiculous covers in recent history.

8) This Fucking JobThe Big To-Do – Drive-By Truckers

Instead of whining about work, I usually just blast this on my headphones. Does the trick every time. We got recession anthems, y’all.

9) Big WaveI’m Having Fun Now – Jenny & Johnny

This album is a nice summery pop record compared to Jenny Lewis’s solo records, but I’m still iffy on this Johnny fellow. He’s no good for you, Jenny! This is ALSO recession themed, at least at first.

10) Castor And PolluxAre You My Mother? – Kathryn Calder

Kathryn Calder manages to fulfill my need for Canadian alt-rock, Greek myth and references to FACE/OFF. Well done, young lady.

11) I Dreamed I Saw St. AugustineLevi’s Pioneer Sessions 2010 – The Dirty Projectors

Even if you didn’t know it was a Bob Dylan song, it’s very obviously a Bob Dylan song. It’s quite lovely though.

12) Two-Headed BoyAV Undercover – The Swell Season

Swell Season really nailed this cover, I only wish I had a better recording of it.

Shark Week Fountain!

Date August 4, 2010

Ok this wasn’t made for shark week. Greg Lynn sculpture fountain at the Hammer museum.

July ’10 Mix

Date July 31, 2010

1) Each & EverydayCrazy For You – Best Coast

When Best Coast is on, they combine lots of my favorite genres. Here you get some wonderful fuzzed out rock with some lovely girl group melodies tossed over. The droneout middle of the song makes this the album closer, but I like working backwards so it’s my opener.

2) A Day Long Past It’s PrimeAre You My Mother? – Kathryn Calder

I’m pretty sure that apostrophe doesn’t belong there, but it’s in there on the album, I swear. Calder has a hard time ditching her New Pornographer roots, as this song strongly mimics some of her uncle Carl Newman’s tricks. Never a bad thing, really.

3) Kiss With A FistLungs – Florence + The Machine

Songs about domestic violence aren’t really my thing, but I bet Mel Gibson loves the shit out of this song. So I’ll dedicate this track to Mel, you horrible piece of shit.

4) Eclipse (All Yours)Twilight – Eclipse – Metric

Yeah, this was written ESPECIALLY FOR THE MOVIE. Emily Haines actually read the books the wikipedia summaries of the books and wrote this track. So it has all the requisite longing and sadness. Thankfully, she pulls short of referencing shirtless werewolves.

5) Empty RoomThe Suburbs – Arcade Fire

I’m not sure what to make of the new Arcade Fire album quite yet, but this track jumped out at me as one of the few tracks with real energy. It’s a bit messy, but I’ve always liked Arcade Fire more when they were a bit rough around the edges. Less preachy that way.

6) FoxholeL’Aventure – The Happy Hollows

I have three versions of this song on my hard drive. Two of them are by Television, which makes this the worst version, but it’s still a great version.

7) SupertoysTransit Transit – Autolux

Autolux has FINALLY put out this album after releasing the first single two years ago. Carla Azar is still destroying on drums, but now they sing about A.I. The Movie.

8) Stranger in the WindowElf Power – New Elf Power

Elf Power is kind of the forgotten Elephant Six band, but they’re still cranking out records. I haven’t been in love with them since Dream in Sound but they usually manage a track or two. I think it’s about love. I’m pretty sure it’s about love.

9) Go Outside“Cults 7″”” – Cults

Choirs are a cheap way to get your on my mixtapes. I swear everything sounds better when a bunch of folks are singing it at the same time.

10) When Love Is NewSongcatcher – Dolly Parton and Emmy Rossum

This popped up from a gift mix I got… 3 years ago? I really dug the mix because it had some inside jokes, call and response music choices, a kind of mixtape conversation. I think I had the White Stripes’ cover of Jolene on one my mixes, and this was kind of like, “here’s some real actual Dolly Parton, dickhead.” Look, I didn’t say it was a friendly conversation.

11) BullyCatching A Tiger – Lissie

Lissie’s been one of my favorite newish acts, just because her voice is stellar. Shamefully, about half of her debut record is overproduced to inanity, destined for TV show soundtrack packages and what not. This track is from the other half.

12) Evening StarDestroyer of The Void – Blitzen Trapper

I shelved the new Blitzen Trapper record for a while because it just didn’t click for me, but I gave it another pass, and this is some kind of sad cougar ballad, about using time machines to recapture your stonewashed high school glory. If it’s not, I like my interpretation better anyway.

June ’10 Mix

Date June 30, 2010

1) I Don’t Believe YouPersonal Life – The Thermals
2) Wishing He Was DeadRelease Me – The Like
3) Howlin’ For YouBrothers – Black Keys
4) Heavy In Your ArmsTwilight – Eclipse – Florence + The Machine
5) BoyfriendCrazy For You – Best Coast
6) Black SheepB-Sides and Rarities – Metric
7) Slip AwayAre You My Mother? – Kathryn Calder
8) Everywhere I GoCatching A Tiger – Lissie
9) Goodbye GirlLevi’s Pioneer Sessions 2010 Revival Recordings – The Shins
10) Scissor RunnerJenny and Johnny – Jenny and Johnny
11) Silver Jenny DollarTogether – New Pornographers
12) I Died So I Could Haunt YouThe Five Ghosts – Stars

May ’10 Mix

Date May 30, 2010

1) Month Of MayThe Suburbs – Arcade Fire
2) Infinity GuitarsTreats – Sleigh Bells
3) Next GirlBrothers – Black Keys
4) World SickForgiveness Rock Record – Broken Social Scene
5) FactoryInfinite Arms – Band Of Horses
6) TransmissionHeart and Soul – Joy Division
7) Four Long DaysMothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives – Voxtrot
8) High FidelityGet Happy!!! – Elvis Costello
9) Valkyrie In The Roller DiscoTogether – New Pornographers
10) Better Things To DoI Learned The Hard Way – Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
11) When I’m AloneLissiemusic Live – Lissie
12) CompassRed Dead Redemption – Jamie Lidell

April ’10 Mix

Date April 30, 2010

1) Water in HellForgiveness Rock Record – Broken Social Scene
2) Crash YearsTogether – New Pornographers
3) She’s Long GoneBrothers – Black Keys
4) Heard It On The Radio“Interpreting The Masters, Vol. 1: Hall and Oates” – The Bird And The Bee
5) Bad RomanceLissiemusic Live – Lissie
6) Laura (Girls) – Mates of State
7) It Only Takes One NightI Will Be – Dum Dum Girls
8) Bottled In CorkBrutalist Bricks – Ted Leo / Pharmacists
9) SeparateRecord Store Day – The Thermals
10) Afraid of EveryoneHigh Violet – The National
11) TrudyInfinite Arms – Band Of Horses
12) The Man Who Would Speak TrueDestroyer of The Void – Blitzen Trapper

March ’10 Mix

Date March 30, 2010

1) Black KnightAll 7 Inches and More – River City Tanlines
2) Ativan EyesBrutalist Bricks – Ted Leo / Pharmacists
3) 1880We Kill Computers – The Pack A.D.
4) Bhang Bhang, I’m A BurnoutI Will Be – Dum Dum Girls
5) Bloodbuzz OhioHigh Violet – The National
6) The High RoadBroken Bells – Broken Bells
7) Dog In The Burning BuildingThe Desert of Shallow Effects – Miles Kurosky
8) I Can’t Go For ThatInterpreting The Masters, Vol. 1: Hall and Oates – The Bird And The Bee
9) A Perfect HandHere Lies Love – David Byrne and Fatboy Slim
10) AutomaticBeauty And The Beat – The Go-Go’s
11) Oh MississippiWhy You Runnin’ – Lissie
12) In the SunVolume Two – She & Him

February ’10 Mix

Date February 28, 2010

1) When I’m With YouWhen I’m With You – Best Coast
2) Awkward KisserTelekinesis! – Telekinesis!
3) Your Hands (Together)Together – New Pornographers
4) An Apple For An AppleThe Desert of Shallow Effects – Miles Kurosky
5) Jail La LaI Will Be – Dum Dum Girls
6) I Learned the Hard WayI Learned the Hard Way – Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
7) ThievesVolume Two – She & Him
8) Little Lovin’Why You Runnin’ – Lissie
9) Under the Milky WayB-Sides and Rarities – The Happy Hollows
10) Atlantic CityNebraska – Bruce Springsteen
11) On A Good DayHave One On Me – Joanna Newsom
12) Sugar BabyThe Harry Smith Project – Kate & Anna McGarrigle

Weekly Twitticism

Date February 7, 2010

  • I'm disappointed that Oscar Nominated animated film "The Secret of Kells" has absolutely nothing to do with R. Kelly. #
  • Brainmeltdown sort of day. Managed to lose my hat, ID badge, temper and a little dignity in a one hour period #
  • Buying this shirt would get me an instant visit from Chris Hansen, wouldn't it? #
  • This is more like CSI: Halftime. I'm waiting for Caruso to show up and take off his sunglasses. #

Weekly Twitticism

Date January 31, 2010

  • Whoa, Del's Saloon is closing today. Where will those people drink at 7AM now? #
  • New harpmusic from Joanna Newsome. they are really sexxing her up for promotional material now #
  • My friend Andy Khouri (@killkillkill) has started prepping for the Vancouver Olympics under an assumed name: #
  • JUGGALERT! Big Money Rustlas, the Insane Clown Posse WESTERN now has a trailer! #
  • Beer choices tonight were Moose Drool and Velvet Merkin. Thankfully, both tasted better than their namesakes. Also I saw Lorenzo Lamas. #
  • Barmaid loves Mel Gibson. Possible anti-Semite. #
  • Highlight of Mass Effect 2 so far was my reunion with Wrex. It went like this: #
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